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Our leather luggage bag has an elegant, comfortable, and basic design to travel for the weekend or carry your clothes wherever you go to change comfortably. It is made of 100% cow leather, made to carry the most essential items on your trips, such as clothes, shoes, lotions, travel perfumes, hygiene items, or even carry your gym accessories, it really fits all the essentials in a way comfortable and easy to use. It has a top closure with a very wide zipper that extends from one end to the other, being a very spacious central compartment where all the clothes and accessories necessary for a trip fit, it is perfect for your quick trips where you do not have time to pack, you will make the job much easier.

Benefits of our leather luggage bag:

• High-quality material, 100% genuine leather.
• Sober design and colors.
• Ideal for carrying your clothes, accessories, and personal items.
• Bag comfortable to transport.
• Available in 2 different sizes and colors.
• It has a large central compartment to carry everything you need.
• Its closures are very strong to last a long time with you.
• Top end-to-end closure with a large compartment.
• It has a short handle to carry it by hand and a long handle to use it hanging from the shoulder.
• You can use it for travel or carry emergency clothing in your car all the time.

Product specifications:

• Material: Genuine cow leather.
• Size: 55 or 45 x 27 x 27cm.
• Color: Black or brown.
• Type of design: Smooth and sober.


Brown, Black


45cm, 55cm


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