Mens Leather Shoulder Bag Men Satchel Shoulder Bag


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Men’s Leather Shoulder Bag Men Satchel Shoulder Bag

There is always something special about using leather bags that is simply perfect. And this Men’s shoulder bag is great for those vintage lovers. Keep all your things close to you and always keep a great look. Although backpacks are useful and spacious, they damage our look. There is no sense in wearing a great casual or formal outfit and ruin it with a backpack that at the end will damage our posture. 

The best men’s shoulder bag

With multiple pockets with zippers for extra comfort and easy reach of your belongings. Perfect for keeping your cellphone, wallet, ID, your notebook, or maybe some important documents. This messenger bag is perfect for those vintage style lovers. While also it has a great modern design. This bag is great for daily use as it is comfortable, lightweight. It looks nice with everything and most of all, you are going to love having a space for everything

With its multiple zipper pockets for extra comfort. You can now keep your cellphone in a safe place away from your keys or any other thing that might scratch it and damage it. And besides that, the interior of this bag is waterproof thanks to the genuine leather exterior. So no matter the water, you can be certain your belongings will be safe and sound.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Color: Light Brown, Dark Brown
  • Size: 175x145x60mm/6.89×5.71×2.36in
  • Shape: Vertical square
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Internal structure: ID bag, mobile phone bag, hidden pocket, zipper pocket
  • Net weight: 250g

Package Contains:

1x Men’s Leather Shoulder Bag Men Satchel Shoulder Bag


Brown, Dark Brown, Black