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Generally, when you go on a trip there are things that cannot be carried in the suitcase, or that we need to have on hand in the car, in our closet, or in any bag, that is why our men’s toiletry bag is the best option to transport your personal items. It has a small front pocket and a large main pocket to store your creams, lotions, traveling perfumes, toothbrush, and all the basic and necessary. It has a basic color such as black and is made of high-quality materials for maximum durability.

Benefits of our men’s toiletry bag:

• Made with the best quality nylon.
• Black color that goes with everything and is versatile.
• Large main pocket to store all kinds of personal items.
• It is necessary for travel and carries personal items wherever you go.
• It also works to maintain order in our closet.

Product specifications:

• Material: Nylon.
• Dimensions: 26x15x10 cm.
• Color: Black.

Package includes:

1 x men’s toiletry bag.