Mens Weekend Bag Travel Leather Handbag


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Men’s Weekend Bag Travel Leather Handbag

Heading for a weekend trip away from home? You want to travel light but you also need to take a couple of clothes with you, maybe your laptop, an extra pair of shoes, maybe you are going to the beach and you need a good towel, some sandals, and extra changes of clothes. This might sound like something impossible to do, but now you can carry everything you need, traveling lightweight with this men’s weekend bag. Made with genuine leather for extra quality, providing this a great quality product. 

The perfect men’s weekend bag for a light travel

This men’s weekend bag is great for a work trip, maybe you are going to the beach or a river. If you travel many times, you need a high-quality duffle bag for carrying all your clothes and belongings easily. And not only that, but this product is perfect for carrying everything you need. Made with the best quality PU leather, this vintage men’s weekend bag has a great style. If you travel and you want people to notice you. When they see your vintage leather bag, they will think of you as a unique, fashionable, and centered man who loves to look nice and to have great things. 

You can carry this weekend bag with its soft handle in the center. Or you can carry it on your shoulders with the large and wide but comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. Depending on your style, the weight of your luggage. But you will always be comfortable and most of all, in great style.


Product Specifications:

  • Main Material: PU
  • Width: 28cm
  • Length: 47cm
  • Weight: 0.55kg
  • Height: 30cm
  • Luggage size: large
  • Lining texture: synthetic leather
  • Pattern: Solid color
  • Product category: Travel bag
  • color: Blue, black, brown, curry
  • Material: PU skin
  • Shoulder strap number: double joint
  • Lifting parts: Soft handle

Package Contains:

 1x Men’s Weekend Bag Travel Leather Handbag


Coffee, Black, Blue, Brown

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Five Stars

Extremely satisfied with the Balma brown leather duffel bag. Leather is very high quality, and thick. The handles also seem like they will last a while. Zippers are a little rough but will loosen up with use. Inside has a thin dark down liner with inner pockets for credit cards, pens, and an open pocket for a cellphone. This open pocket fits my iPhone 6 with Lifeproof case, as well as my wife's iPhone6S with lifeproof case. There is also an inner zippered pocket that is deep enough to fit my iPad Mini2 and exterior case from Griffin. The capacity is surprisingly large enough for a weekend getaway. 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair jeans, underwear & socks, 3x Tshirts,1 pair shorts, and a sweatshirt. This bag fits well inside the trunk of my roadster. I have not given the shoulder strap enough use to see how well that will hold up, but it is a fabric and leather combination with heavy duty clasps. The exterior brown is gorgeous and classy. I hope to use this bag for years to come.

The French Chef
Love it!

Took a trip to the Southwest and can say I was the only guy in any airport, including the mammoth ATL, doing it old school Indiana Jones style. Everyone has nylon, plastic, and carbon fiber wheeled bags. Functional sure but no sense of classic travel prevalent back in the day. Bag worked great for a couple three days of clothing and support items. Carrying is comfortable, the shoulder strap needs an additional pad especially if are packing heavy. Only complaint is storage on small aircraft. I was in MDC MD-90's and Bombardier CRJ200's and there was no way it would go into the overhead. Good heavy leather like this doesn't really conform like nylon does. Underseat in both places worked fine. It can also be checked at the gate in their "auxiliary" storage which is returned at the jetway shortly after landing. So except for not being able to get stuff mid flight it's not a terrible inconvenience. And can I make one more unrelated suggestion? EVERYONE has their devices when they travel. If you buy this bag get a couple of books, the paper kind, to read instead of sticking your head in the device. A book is much more suited to the vibe of this bag as you wait for your connecting flight.

Very impressive quality

Perhaps you recall that word that rarely gets used anymore = quality.
Well — here you have it, I’m delighted to say.
Excellent craftsmanship. Care taken in shipping, even the buckles were wrapped, albeit in plastic, to protect them on their journey through the vagaries of transit. The stitching is well done. So pleased with the bags I received, I ordered a number of other items from Balma , which are equally pleasing. Thank you, Balma . It is my pleasure to have found you.

Stephanie Reck
Good looking bag

Wow! I've been looking for a great leather duffel bag to use for business trips for 1-2 nights and this leather travel duffel is perfect. It's larger and taller than I realized and it has everything I was looking for in a high-quality, leather bag: durable,quality leather; inside pockets/compartment; inside fabric liner; cushioned shoulder strap; outside pocket and leather handle clasp. I've searched for months and on plenty of websites, but the cost to have all of these features was typically over $700. This bag is a fine example of quality craftsmanship from India. You can tell from the thick, quality leather to the stitching and materials used, that they were trying to create a high, quality item for the owner. I'll be looking to see what other products that they have to offer because of the quality of the craftsmanship!

James P.
Good quality, wonderful rustic look.

What can I say? This bag is great. My wife ordered one, and when it came I was so impressed that I ordered one for myself. I also ordered a Dopp bag. Again when they came she liked the Dopp bag so much we ordered one for her. We are impressed by the quality of the product - must be, we ordered 4 pieces of luggage from this company. I am looking forward to using the luggage.